DIASPORA TALKS: Everybody is talking about IoT, but why is it so important?



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DIASPORA TALKS: Everybody is talking about IoT, but why is it so important?

Adela Mehic-Dzanic is the CEE Solution Consultant at Tele2 IoT based out of Vienna.

Adela will walk us through Tele2 IoT ‘s purpose – the Orchestrator of a smarter world, what makes Tele2 IoT special and why are IoT and Digitalization overall such important topics nowadays. Apart from sharing an overall picture of IoT and its benefits she will present few exciting use-cases that can easily be replicated across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She will also talk about one example of such a successful cooperation with Habeetat – smart beekeeping and Tele2 IoT. By looking into this use-case she can talk about the importance of partnerships within IoT and why partnerships are the key to success.

Link for more details: https://tele2iot.com/case/tele2-iot-and-habeetat-creating-a-buzz-together

She will then open the discussion into a Q&A session. 



Adela Mehic-Dzanic has 8+ years of experience in leading sales, contract management, business development, and facilities management practices.

Adela is currently the CEE Solution Consultant at Tele2 IoT in Vienna with 8+ years of experience Consulting, Telecommunications and Internet of Things. She has a proven record of success in expanding global network connections, introducing products, educating clients, implementing pricing strategies, territory development, and revealing customer need to deliver solutions.

She holds a Master degree in Telecommunications from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo. Currently enrolled as an MBA Student at Vienna University of Economics, specialization Entrepreneurship and Innovations, 2nd year, Generation 2017-2019. She was born in Velika Kladuša and graduated from Gimnazija Velika Kladuša in 2005. 


This talk will be in English.

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