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General Information:

Customer Experience (CX) has quickly become the most important aspect in the business world. This is where you create the value, build loyalty, engage customers and get ahead of competition. Customer experience is the new secret sauce.

Companies who not only improve, but also design the experience, find higher ROI in any business setting. Great CX cannot be copied and is a competitive advantage.

Expectations and Goals:

You will learn the basics of CX and build an understanding of the concepts. You will know what’s good for your business and not just follow myths and best practices blindly.

This workshop will show you how to measure, listen to and understand your customers, their needs and beliefs, with the help of cutting edge technology.

You will also learn how to design the experience for their needs.

Course Materials:

Yourself, we will provide the presentation, workbook, CX coaches.

Workshop Schedule:

Day 1

  • Basics of Customer Experience
  • Basics of Human Centric Design: Customer Journey
  • Design Thinking, Service Design, Design Strategy
  • Brain Research & Basics of Neuromarketing
  • Customer Decision Models and Personas
  • Behavioral Economics

Day 2

  • Field work to put the we learned into practice
  • Discussions of field experience
  • Creating a CX plan to each groups’s problem, designing components to generate the desired CX outcome

Workshop Duration: 

Two days: first day is basics, second day is field practice and we design a desired customer experience for a small pilot project.

Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm // Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm

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