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This course is not like other courses! What we're doing is immersive, which means that you learn web development by working on a web development team.

You will work on projects, both group and individual, to learn state-of-the-art web development. In the process of learning web development, you will learn to teach yourself web development so you can continue learning after the course ends.

Most of the work is self-directed. Students teach themselves and each other. There is time for exploration. You are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes. We maintain a cooperative, supportive environment to maximize productivity.

There are no traditional lessons or schedule by which we work. The process is Agile and iterative. We are a team. We have an MVP – a minimum viable product – that we aim to achieve by course end: namely, qualified web developers ready to begin work. Will you be one of them?

The course can be paid in two instalments. 

See the syllabus for a list of topics covered.

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